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Welcome to Sacramento Autism Services

Sacramento Autism Services provides ABA services for all ages: preschool, children, teens, and adults. ABA therapy, life skills, AST, behavior intervention are all integrated into comprehensive individualized needs. Sacramento Autism Service is here to serve individuals and their families who are in need and would benefit from Applied Behavior Analysis services.

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Our Lastest News For You:

We're Growing!

We've got some amazing news for you all. We are now accepting ALL kids with developmental disabilities (including ADD, ADHD, Down Syndrome, and more) to receive ABA services with us, via Medi-Cal or private insurance. We are also opening a 4th office at our Madison and Sunrise location! We have openings 9am-3pm and 12pm-6pm. Please call our front office at (916)534-7572 for an intake. Hurry, spots are filling up fast! We are excited and looking forward to serving our community.

Exciting News from Filipe and Gizmo!

Filipe and Gizmo announce the return of our Service Dog Program in 2019! Stay tuned for more updates regarding the program.

Autism Awareness Rock Project

We will be providing rocks for those families who are interested in spreading love and awareness. These rocks will not only promote awareness, but also be a way to let people know they are not alone. After the rocks are decorated, you can leave them at a local park, parking lot, front yard, etc. for others to find! If you find a rock, you can post it onto our page. Let the fun and awareness begin! 

Training Our Technicians to be the Best

To ensure we are providing the best service to our clients, SAS crew took a trip to Las Vegas to learn more about Precision Teaching in ABA. In short, Precision Teaching translates learning tasks into tangible, directly observable behaviors that can be counted and recorded. We hope to implement all the things we've learned from this incredible workshop presented by Rick Kubina, P.h.D, BCBA-D.

California ABA

Dr. Kathryne Buchanan with Dr. CJ (left) and Dr. Jose Martinez (right) at Cal ABA. They two gentlemen are from Florida and a part of the foundational threads of ABA as we know it today.